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Who is Rabbi Bob

Nothing here, but check out the Maine shines after Navy tour article for some background.

Why "Rabbi Bob"

From some IRC chat in the distant past:

[19:32] <Rabbi_Bob> nick: that's from two or three stages of life.  The first was a Volkswagen Rabbit in high school.  It lost the 't' and in the dark it looked like 'Rabbi' when it was hit by light.
[19:33] <Rabbi_Bob> Then there was a tiger cat who was named 'Fred'.  We called him 'Fred, God of War' as he used to walked through miniatures...
[19:33] <Rabbi_Bob> his dragging belly would decimate a division or three.
[19:33] <Rabbi_Bob> Fred left one night and didn't come back for a few days
[19:33] <Rabbi_Bob> and when he did, he was beat up pretty badly
[19:33] <Rabbi_Bob> he climbed into his place and slept for two days
[19:34] <Rabbi_Bob> drank some water, went back to sleep for another day
[19:34] <Rabbi_Bob> later we found a racoon that extremely worse for wear
[19:34] <Rabbi_Bob> and we found bits of fur on Fred that weren't his.
[19:34] <Rabbi_Bob> so he lived up to his name.
[19:35] <Rabbi_Bob> Next, when I was getting out of the Navy
[19:35] <Rabbi_Bob> I signed onto Compuserve for the first time, in 96
[19:35] <Rabbi_Bob> needed a name
[19:35] <Rabbi_Bob> Rabbi Fred didn't have any ring to it
[19:35] <Rabbi_Bob> and somehow Rabbi Bob was born
[19:36] <Rabbi_Bob> You may not regain the two minutes of your life that just passed in learning the origin of the Name.

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