Logitech Wireless Headset Cutting Out

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After all that... I think those settings are for equalization


Ran into this issue a few years back when we had our 2.4Ghz wireless AP close to the USB receiver for a Logitech G930 headset: the headset would beep and cut out a lot (lose connection). Very inconvenient\annoying\etc. I ended up disabling 2.4 on the AP because I had other ones in the house I could run. This weekend we upgraded the wireless AP and due to what we were doing (getting rid of the old APs), I needed 2.4Ghz to be enabled from the new device.

If you have the options to lock in your wireless 2.4Ghz channel, consider the following:

Wireless AP

  • Lock the 2.4Ghz into a channel. I chose 11 for our house where we only have the 1 AP running. If we put in a second, I'll look at 6 for that one. We should never have a 3rd here. This usually can be done in the admin panel of the device, sometimes under Advanced.


  • Make sure you are running Logitech drivers (if not, I am not sure where Windows default driver controls this).
    • I am using g930_100364b_x64.exe
  • Set the headset to using channel 1 using Regedit (example below)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  • Restart Windows

Note: this is a per user setting in the registry. Multiple profiles will need to have the regkey set.