Curlup Jan 2022

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  • Received confirmation email that the date is available --Rabbi Bob (talk) 10:43, 29 December 2021 (EST)
    • I've used the site's webform to ask 1) if the date is available and 2) if there is a better way to signify the actual date vs buying a Curling package that doesn't point to a specific date. --Rabbi Bob (talk) 10:21, 25 December 2021 (EST)


You're most likely here because @rabbibob sent you a message to confirm that you're interested in Curling. Below are the details including cost.

This is event is at the PISCATAQUIS COUNTY ICE ARENA (PCIA) and is a new venue for us with a different process.

  • There are 8 people in a group


  • Mike
  • Erin
  • Chad
  • Cullen
  • Ryan
  • Vanessa



  • Putting together a Curling team for the Jan 15th 10 AM time slot at the PCIA
  • Registration and payment ($20) are directly to the PCIA, steps below.


Site Contact Info


To Register as a Client at the PCIA you need to Submit the requested info below. Provide information for all on-ice participants as each needs to register separately. Each member of your household who wishes to participate at the PCIA will need to be registered as a Client. Once you've submitted your information (below) a series of emails will be sent to the email address provided to help aid in the registration process.

  1. First Email needing a timely response (within 24hrs): You will need to verify your email address (please check your "spam" if the verify email is not found).
  2. Second Email needing a timely response (within 24hrs): You will need to sign your electronic waiver.
  3. Third Email: This email is your link to the Self Service site (

Once this has been accomplished, you are now registered as a client of the PCIA.

The Portal

    1. Register with contact details
    2. Sign the waiver
      1. There appears to be a printable waiver as well here --Rabbi Bob (talk) 10:48, 29 December 2021 (EST)
    3. Enter the site for event registration\payment
  2. Parents can register children (I forget the process) and purchase the session


  1. Log into the site
    1. Click the $ BUY link
    2. Find the Individual Curling Curling Day Pass 1 $20.00 / session
    3. Click +1
    4. If you have multiple people sub-registered to your account, scroll to the top and change the Packages For option to the other individual(s)
      1. Click +1
    5. Review the Cart (upper right)
    6. Make the purchase