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Less than two months into a game that has roots back to 1984 and my Commodore 64, I embarked on an expedition that I've still yet to return home from at the time of this page going up. Along the way I've seen some great places in game, but better than that met some great people along the way. Below are links that better describe the expedition than I ever could. For some unknown reason, I decided to craft something in Blender3D, print and send out to a few individuals as a Thank you and also make it available for everyone to produce one as well. Below is everything I put into making the coins and I hope one or two pop up beyond the 13 I made.

o7 to Jellowiggler

~ RB

The 13

The certificate accompanying the 13 original coins

I created a batch of 13 coins and (as of currently) have mailed 9 of those out to the following:

  1. JelloWiggler - Expedition Founder
  2. jnTracks - For leading me to the trap... I mean LSN group after I picked up Elite:Dangerous
  3. Dubbs - Fleet Carrier Commander
  4. Exeider - Fleet Carrier Commander
  5. Crash - Fleet Carrier Commander
  6. Roy Cookson (Donated to Roy by Chig - Fleet Carrier Commander)
  7. Volt - Fleet Carrier Commander
  8. Manitook - Fleet Carrier Commander
  9. M.A.D.Dogg - Fleet Carrier Commander
  10. (Pending) Lottery
  11. (Pending) Lottery
  12. RockyRavage - my boy
  13. RabbiBob - Creator's rights!

As a former employee of the U.S. Government, I should have realized that postage was going to be the most expensive part of this endeavor!


Heads: Logo + Distant Screws II Jan\Apr 3307 53.2K (light years)
Tails: A star for Evelyn's Light + The expedition route (Ross310 -> Evelyn's Light -> Colonia -> Qama)

A how-to for printing the 3D LS DS II Challenge Coin for anyone that was on the 2021 Distant Screws II Expedition.

The front-side features the classic LS Logo, the expedition name, dates and the waypoint distances traveled.

The backside features the four points of the journey (ROSS310-EVELYNS LIGHT-COLONIA-QAMA) and a star to honor Evelyn Faye Roy.

Printing Suggestions

    Scale to 60mm x 60mm x 8mm (or 10mm)
    Super Quality
  1. With trees: On an edge - will require sanding and clean up.
  2. In halves:
    • Duplicate the STL on the bed
    • Sink both below the bed to 1/2 the Z width (-4mm or -5mm)
    • Flip one of the faces
    • Print
    • Sand edge as needed with 220g and 500+
    • Prime
    • Paint Black Gloss
    • Paint Blue acrylic
    • Dust paint Silver metallic
    • Glue together

Created by RabbiBob 3/1/2021 w/ Blender 2.9.x



  • Below are my steps for creating the coins. YMMV.

3D Printing


  • Lightly sand the edges and any surface you can without damaging the raised items. You can see in some of the final coins the ones where a combination of sanding and primer worked well and others that didn't during testing.

Painting & Items

  • Someday I'll buy an airbrush kit. Until then, fun with aerosol cans!
  • Requirements:
    • Krylon Sandable Primer
    • Gloss Black spray paint
    • Blue acrylic paint
    • Metallic Silver spray paint
    • Mod Podge┬« Clear Acrylic Sealer, Gloss
    • Modelling glue
    • Something to fit under the coin to keep if off the resting surface (washer, nut, etc)
    • Sand paper (med grit to fine grit)


01 LSN PrimerCoat 01.jpg
01 LSN PrimerCoat 02.jpg
  • Do two separate coats of prime where the first coat is close to a dusting.
  • Second coat should fill in a lot of the printer lines

Black Coat

02 LSN ShinyBlack.jpg
  • Apply a single shiny black coat

Blue Highlights

03 LSN BlueHighlights.jpg
  • Lightly apply blue acrylic paint to various raised areas. I used a toothpick to do the coins. There are one or two green coins in the bunch, however blue seemed to be the best choice.

Silver Dusting

04 LSN DustedWithSilver.jpg
  • Lightly apply a dusting of silver. The goal is to try and let some of the gloss black poke through. Your call on the final outcome. In my batch, the 13 coins ran a range between almost full silver vs a moderate dusting.


  • Glue the halves together
  • Only four or five dabs of model glue is needed. Don't let it ooze from the middle onto the edges of the coin.


The 13
  • Seal the coin with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
  • This helps not only protect the coin but also to seal in some of the paint smell


06 LSN Final.jpg


  • A few in game screencaps from my visit to Evelyn's Light.

EvelynsLightPano16 9 smaller.jpg
Arriving solo at 6AM on a cold winter morning

Evelyns With Rocky.jpg
Hanging out with Rocky during the group rendezvous.

One last look at Evelyn's Light before departing the system.