Useless Email Things

From Mike Beane's Blog

  1. Weeding out useless transmissions in a sample base from 280,000 emails via three accounts back to roughly 2006.
    • I have a high degree of duplicates because I previously had emails from @mikebeane and @rabbibob forwarding to rabbibob@ and this is causing some difficulties and numbers skewing (not enough for me to worry about final totals)
    • And I used the Remove Duplicate Messages add-on just now in Thunderbird: 36,000 duplicates (72,000 first+others). Removed those from the source.
  2. One downside of my approach is that I'm not capturing a high level count of things before removing, which skews some of the output numbers as we go: if an email is found earlier by a search term in removed, it can't be counted in subsequent searches.
  3. I had to stop processing Facebook things for a bit. I could just delete them all, however there are a bunch of conversations and birthdates and... nostalgia... ugh
    • As of right now, I have 20,000+ saved Facebook emails and 25,000+ emails I haven't dug into.
  4. The number of times I had to restart Thunderbird after moving 15,000 emails out of a 190,000+ folder was fairly high.

From\To Subject Count Notes
[email protected] 12265 Useless Twitter Emails
[email protected] check out the notifications you have on Twitter 4719
[email protected] is now following you on Twitter 200 boy, that's sad
tweets 1335
[email protected] 832
% 9239 there were ten legit emails in there, seven of which were really not interesting
$ 11964 I kept 46 due to nostalgia. 200 or so were from marketplace or craiglist interactions (man are those painful). Newegg, Priceline, and the like... 1000's of them.
"iron force" 2100 some game I played
promo@ 3915 I had meant to go @e.newegg and, but promo hit all new eggs stuff. Spiffy! added you 230 wrote on your wall 400 invited 689 sent you a message 1224 "sent you a message." marks the start of the OPEN IN MESSENGER crapfest. "*... on Facebook" contains the actual message. replied to a thread 100 suggested 400 birthday 4835 that's going to require a lot of cake... commented 20874 between Aug 2020 and June 2021, the switch to Open In Messenger. Older ones have the comment inline.
linkedin 3441 These are fairly useless - messages are not relayed inline anymore, notifications can be seen when you frequent the site.
pinterest 2459
walmart 2069 This seemed less than I would have thought
team 2300+ this was an interesting "from" term to look at. I kept five. I also found a google forward email request from BRJC to send emails from them to my account. Some of the email my rabbibob @ gmail . com has received has been... odd. If I go to NJ, I am thinking of requesting lunch from a lawyer firm that is a three-pete.
discord you missed messages 1069
discord "@everyone" (B) "mentioned you in" 867
instagram 365 This seemed less than I would have thought
Fan Expo 1160 Boston, HQ, Shop, BostOn...
Flickr Mail 1041 Group adds, activity, meh... finally broke under 100,000 emails with this squash.
Solar 2351 Solarwinds primarily
Someecards 1017 this one is definitely my fault